Possible Results Of A Divorce Case

The outcome of the divorce ranges from one person to another. For some people, the result might be easy and simple and for others, the outcome is a complex one. To initiate the divorce you must file a complaint in the court against the opposite party. You should mention the reason for your divorce and your requirement for child custody and property segregation. If things are favoring you then you can get all the requirements you mentioned in the petition. But most of the times it will not happen.

The divorce petition form of many states contains all the required details that never miss you any important things. There are some situations where you don’t need to hire a divorce lawyer. Some of them are explained here. The first form of divorce is online divorce where the process is simple and you don’t require the support of a lawyer. The next type is uncontested divorce where both the parents have agreed to all the terms included in the agreement and a lawyer is not required. To avoid hiring a lawyer both the parties must learn their rights and must identify the solution for any potential problems. In the no-fault divorce, both the parties never blame each other and already both of them are living separately for a certain period of time before the divorce happens.

It is the good option to hire a lawyer for your divorce if you and your spouse want a friendly breakup without any chaos. For a divorce case, two lawyers are required for both the parties. Instead of hiring both lawyers it is the best option attend the mediation where single people guide both of you in the accepted terms. It is not necessary that the mediator must be a lawyer.

You must hire a family lawyer when you anticipate a battle with your life-partner. Hiring a family lawyer gives you support on various issues like child custody, alimony, property division and visitation during your divorce. The child custody is based on various factors like age of the child, income level of both the parents and many others. You must obey to your state and local laws.

In the contested divorce process, both the parties will not get an equal amount of the properties but it is assured that the judge issued the fair judgment. You can get some of the both marital and non-marital property. Marital property means the property you and your husband buy together whereas the non-marital property means you only own the property.

If one of the spouses claims the other spouse is responsible for the divorce then it is fault divorce. Most of the fault divorces are because of adultery and the reasons of few of them are cruelty. It is mandatory to hire a lawyer in the fault divorce case that the other person is guilty in the case. Or else if you are accused in the divorce case your lawyer will establish your innocence. You cannot define how much cost and time require for the divorce case. There are many factors that determine the time and money of your case.

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